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Why is gender even a thing? Whichever angle I look at it from, the entire concept of gender is based on gender roles and stereotypes, so if we get rid of those, we also get rid of gender. Why is someone male, female, genderqueer, agender, non-binary etc? These all seem to exist to put people into different boxes, when really, there is no box.

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Tumblr won’t let me post the whole gifset (just one extra gif), taken from this video, but I think this one gets the point across xx



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Since I misunderstood some of the rules cause I’m stupid I will also be answering some of the previous questions

    1. Describe yourself in 5 colors (personality and aesthetics)
      Black (most of my clothes are black, technically black is not a colour it is the absence of light.)
      Blue (my mood.)
      No other colours exist.

    2. Moment in your life that you still cringe and bad-memory-flail over?
      Everyday. is cringe-worthy.

    3. What details have you imagined for your future apartment of house (and possibly since actually carried out)?
      There will be a bookshelf that can rotate to reveal a secret room. There will be a trapdoor on the floor of one of the rooms. Everything else cannot currently be revealed.
    4. Tattoos, piercings or hair dye you have?
      I’ve got ear piercings and the bottom half of my hair is this purple -ish color (emphasis on the ish.)
    5. Favorite song as of this very second?
      Sugartown by Nancy Sinatra. 
    6. Otp scene you really want?
      Can me and Kristen Stewart happen?
      Stephen Colbert and Nation. 
    7. a name for a Band?
      Ok no one can steal these names, they’re mine. Me and my friend came up with Crazy Kids. Also, Paradigm Shift.

Helena’s Questions:

  1. What beverage best describes you?
  2. What is your least favorite color and why?
    You’re my least favourite color. (i feel bad now, i’m sorry you’re not. Maybe that weird dark green color)
  3. Best play/stage performance you’ve ever seen?
    I’ve barely seen any but Dracula Spectacula. Also Little Shop of Horrors.
  4. Time when you’ve nearly died of happiness?
    I don’t think this has happened
  5. Where was the best ice cream you’ve ever had?
    At this restaurant that one time 
  6. What god/goddess would you be if you could be any god/goddess from any religion/belief system?
    According to my knowedge, in Hinduism most of the gods are just avatars/different forms of just one god so I’d be all of them.
  7. If you could get with anyone from anywhen, who would it be?
    Iwan Rheon, Jared Leto from the 90’s and Chandler Bing from Season 1. 
  8. Best dinner you’ve ever had?
    Definetely not prom, that dinner sucked. I was on this school trip and the dinner was like whatever but the dessert was this bread thing with poppy seeds it was amazing.
  9. Top three favorite books/book series?
    I really need to get back into the reading game but I guess - Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseini and idk.
  10. If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Probably just chocolate ice cream.
  11. What would you name your children/dogs/cats/what-have-yous (one male one female)?
    um idk i’d name these kids “Untitled” and “Why”. (totes gender neutral names go me) (yeah I’d be a great parent wouldn’t I?)

My Questions

1. What’s your favourite spice?

2. I don’t even know 11 people how am I supposed to tag them?

3. Why?

4. Do you ever feel like breaking down, do you ever feel out of place?

5. What is your favourite pattern? (stripes, squiggles, idk)

6. What is your opinion on war, can we ever be without it? (me with the lighthearted questions)

7. What do you think about your life right now? If you could go back to kindergarten and start all over again, would you?

8. What is one thing that you feel you most definetely have to accomplish in your life?

9. Can we pretend there are 11 questions? the concept of quantity is weird anyway.

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Together, we all watched
the rooster chase down a hen.
She tried to hide, but he
seized the feathery hair on her head with his
pointed beak, yanked
her to him and dug
his fourth claw into her back until her spine was
arched and ready to snap.
She gave the most
horrible howl when he heaved and
afterwards they told me
“this is a good rooster.”

Inside the farmhouse, we watch the news.
A girl got raped in Ohio. The man on the screen says
“these are good boys” and “what a shame
they will have to live their whole lives charged as sex offenders.”
My father says with a sigh “boys will be boys” and reminds me
not to drink too much at parties.

I must have been the only one who saw the hen
stand up and shake her
brown feathers until she could
no longer smell the stink of cock all over
her little self. She scratched at the chips
of her beak she had lost in the fight and every
other hen watched her, saying
nothing because there was nothing
to say.

Boys Will Be Boys - reallyl0vely (via reallyl0vely)